[New Book Update] Guide To Clear Java Developer Interview

Ajay Rathod
3 min readFeb 18, 2023


Hello folks, I have clubbed all the questions asked from real interviews in this book. My only intention is to save your surfing time to find the right questions and answers to better prepare for your interview. I am sure you will find this helpful. The title of this book — Guide to Clear Java Developer Interview

How this book will help you to prepare better in your technical interview

First of all, I have tried to declutter obvious questions or easy questions that everybody knows and easily finds out over the internet.

The set of questions is from the technical interviews I have faced in the last 3–6 months. These questions are not subjective, they need a deep understanding of Java and SpringBoot. Microservice concepts.

Most interviews don’t follow Q & A format. it's basically a discussion between two technical people. The interviewer doesn't always throw straightforward questions. He may give you a scenario and will dig down to that topic on how you will solve the question.

e.g. Below is a question I have faced as an experienced programmer.

How to build a restful web service that can fetch 1GB of data from the database and send it back without using Pagination, so the question is if you have a big size response how would you send it back from a rest web service?

So two answers this question you need to know first how REST API works and how a large set of data can be sent using pagination concepts.

if you know the concepts then you will be able to answer these questions.

I have documented those kinds of questions in my books below.

Microservice Based question

Do you know the 12-factor methodology to build a Microservice?


Tell me About Spring-Boot’s Entry point?

Core Java

How to create an immutable map in java?

System Design/ Design patterns

Design rest API for tiny URL application

A topic from the Book:

Core Java


Spring Framework


Design patterns


Coding/programming questions

Scenario-Based Interview Questions

You will find all the answers here including frequently asked coding programs.

If you are an experienced programmer with between 2–10 years of experience the questions will surely help you to prepare better.

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