[New Book Update] Guide To Clear Spring-Boot Microservice Interview is out !!

Hey everyone! Exciting news — I’ve just released my new book, “Guide To Clear Spring-Boot Microservice Interview” It’s a follow-up to my last book Guide To Clear Java Developer Interview but this time, it’s all about Spring Boot and microservices.

Ajay Rathod
2 min readDec 21, 2023
by Ajay Rathod

You know, these days, knowing only core Java isn’t enough. If you’re going for a job interview, you need to understand Spring Boot and microservices. In interviews, they ask about lots of stuff like Design Patterns, Security, Data-JPA, Reactive Spring, Spring-cloud, CI-CD, Spring Boot with AWS, and other things related to it.

I worked hard on this book, covering everything I could think of from my own interview experiences. It’s got chapters on all sorts of topics:


  1. Starting with the basics of Spring Framework
  2. Getting into Spring-Boot
  3. How to use Spring Boot with databases (called Spring Boot-Data JPA)
  4. Making things secure with Spring Boot-Security
  5. Explaining Spring Cloud
  6. Using Spring-Boot with AWS
  7. Testing your Spring Boot apps
  8. How to do caching with Spring Boot
  9. Learning about Reactive Programming in Spring
  10. Understanding what a Microservice is
  11. Talking about REST
  12. Figuring out how to design systems using Spring-Boot and Microservices
  13. Answering tricky interview questions about Spring Boot and Microservices
  14. Explaining what Message Broker/Middleware is
  15. Sharing knowledge about Cloud stuff
  16. Other miscellaneous things you should know
  17. Lastly, understanding CI-CD, Kubernetes, DevOps, and Git

Find my book here

Guide To Clear Spring-Boot Microservice Interview here Gumroad (PDF Format) and Amazon (Kindle eBook).

You can check out a sample of the book by following this link.

Guide To Clear Spring-Boot Microservice Interview[Free Sample Copy]

I’d love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions you have to make it even better.

I’m dedicated to making this book super helpful for Java developers so they can rock their job interviews. Thanks a bunch for all your support, and best of luck to everyone preparing for interviews!

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